What We Do

AAC INC. utilizes a conglomerate of mentors with a combination of skills and experiences to assist today’s youth become viable citizens of their communities.

This is done through positive guidance and monitoring by adults who have a passion for assisting youth reaches their full potential. Once the youth have been identified through various methods of community outreach, the youth must participate in a series of workshops with topics designed to help them address the various hurdles that they must overcome to develop into healthy and productive well rounded young adults.

We conduct various events to introduce them to current and professional environments that will assist them in their future paths. We use sports as a vehicle to introduce them to our program as a whole. Youth that have gone through the program in previous years also give back by mentoring youth and assist us to continue to provide a positive mindset when it relates to all the current issues within our communities.

Our intent is to break the cycle of Despair in our communities through our seniors graduating at a high rate and transitioning into the collegiate level, work force or as an entrepreneur creating an opportunity for self and others.

Families coming together and once again supporting each other and thriving in all aspects of life as a whole, with finances circulating within the community, so that they can grow and move forward in all areas.